Early start

Hey there! Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by and checking out Stone Mountain Projects. My name is Harley Griffin, and I am a proud Albertan, local to YYC and a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter. Throughout my life, I have always had a passion for; my province's great outdoors, sticking to my motto of "Be Prepared", and finding ways to use my intuition to create something out of nothing. From my humble beginnings in my grandparents backyard with a bucket of rusty nails and a hammer, to my own growing personal shop. I have always loved expressing myself through my work, and seeing the expressions on clients’ faces when I reveal to them something I've created. There is no greater satisfaction than fulfilling a customer's desires with something carefully handcrafted, rather than mass-produced. I believe in the importance of being precise, the strength of handcrafted projects made to exacting standards, the beauty of work done with passion, but most importantly having fun while doing the project.


I started Stone Mountain Projects in the beginning of 2018 as a way to bring the passion I have for woodworking to a broader audience. I have been making and creating ever since I was 8 from building with lego to pounding nails into scraps of wood to make a fort. I enjoy working with clients to combine their ideas with my creativity to bring a project into reality. Stone Mountain Projects is a company focused around custom pieces as well as making unique projects for your home or personal use. I always take the opportunity to be creative and have a little fun.


I had the opportunity to begin my apprenticeship with PCL Construction working on a multitude of projects. Ranging from the Deerfoot Trail bus bridges to renovations on the Banff gondola. Although my true passion is for the continuous education and challenges that woodworking is giving me. I am a Red Seal journeyman carpenter by trade and that has allowed me to enhance and broaden my knowledge base while giving me a unique advantage when it comes to constructing projects. If I am not in the shop you could find me exploring the vast Albertan wilderness with my fly fishing rod or camping with my best friends.


I look forward to honing my woodworking skills at Stone Mountain Projects to further improve the quality of my clients work. I strive to inspire others to get out in their garages, backyards, or driveways and let the dust fly and show everyone that the maker movement is very much alive. Building and creating with your own hands can be so satisfying, with nothing more than a few tools and your imagination you can bring an idea into reality. I have come to learn that if you put the time and energy into a project anything can be made out of wood.

The way to get started is to quit talking and & begin doing

Walt Disney