Walnut board game table


Table pictured
4×6 Walnut game table in the classic 4 post tapered leg configuration
with magnetic gaming strip

Solid wood walnut topper

Blue and black felt insert
no cup holders in armrest

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Elevate your next game night with one of my custom board game tables.

Using the highest grade materials to craft a table that stands above the rest both in looks and functionality. Each table is custom made to exacting specifications with attention to detail.

I work with you to make your dream table come to life. Available in a variety of woods such as Walnut, Cherry, Maple and Ash.



Some optional features include:

The Magnetic gaming strip: A metal strip that runs the outside perimeter of the table that allows use of the gaming accessories, such as cup holders, player desks and game piece trays (sold separately)

Removable topper: Transform your game table into a fully functional dining table with our removeable topper. Available in a 4 leaf configuration for easy storage.

Game accessories: Cup holders, wine glass holders, Player desk, Single and double trays for game pieces
Please contact for pricing

Cup holders in the armrest: If you are not interested in the magnetic gaming strip, but still need a spot to place your beverages these integrated cup holders allow you to do just that.
You can also get wooden cup holder inserts to cover the cup holders when not in use.
Please contact prior to purchasing.

All tables are shipped in custom built crates for maximum protection during transport.


4×6 game tables have a 3×5 playing surface
The playing surface is approx 2.25 inches below the surface
6″ arm rests
Durable clear coat finish
removable legs for easy transport

Please contact me prior to ordering, Lead times vary and I want to make sure you are getting exactly what you are dreaming of.

Wood has natural variances in grain and coloring you will receive the same style but may have some differences from the tables pictured above.

All Prices include rough shipping, but I am not responsible for duties and taxes related to accepting the packages.

Looking for a custom table? head over to our get in touch page and shoot me a message.











Large Heigh 234 PX Width 400 PX, Medium Heigh 234 PX Width 400 PX, size, Small Heigh 234 PX Width 400 PX

Wood type

White oak